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Icebreakers tech tee

A recent fat bike beach ride along the central California coast revealed why Icebreaker’s Tech Tee might just be the most versatile piece of apparel I’ve ever used. The ride started at dawn in crisp, cold conditions. It was a perfect base layer under a jacket offering a bit of insulation and the excellent moisture transfer that wool is well known for. As the sun came up, Santa Ana offshore winds quickly brought temperatures up to the high 70s.

Pedaling fat tires in deep sand is hard work. So while I was sweating heavily, I still felt comfortable in the tee. After the ride, it dried quickly and didn’t stink, so I wore for a post ride meal and then continued to wear it the rest of the day in total comfort until I got home later that evening and it just looked like an ordinary tee. I couldn’t have pulled this off in synthetic or cotton.

The lightweight tee is made of 150g merino wool and comes in a wide variety of colors. It’s available with graphics on the front ($75) and as a long-sleeve ($80). The fit is relaxed and super comfortable since the wool has a bit of stretch compared to most technical tees. The Icebreaker Tech Tee is pricy but a quality piece of clothing that’s so versatile it’s well worth the extra cost.

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Download PDF – Featuring Icebreaker Merino Wool Base Layers – September 9, 2013


Icebreaker makes their base layers using locally-sourced New Zealand merino wool, a practice noted as natural, renewable, and sustainable.  [Side note: their modest packaging is printed on recycled and recyclable paper stock.]  Merino wool is made from a breed of sheep called the Merino.  The ultra lightweight weave Icebreaker uses for the Siren and Sprite line is 150 grams/square meter, which makes it ideal for a warm weather base layer as opposed to a thicker weave for the snowy winter months.  The merino wool is mixed with 4% Lycra elastane so that it’s a touch stretchy which is optimum as a form fitting base layer.  You want a base layer to not be tight but to fit snugly against your body so that it has enough contact with your skin to do its job.


Overall, the Icebreaker base layers are an excellent addition to your treasure trove of motorcycle gear to complement its breathability (or lack thereof).  Their utility doesn’t stop at your motorcycle closet either, which means they can be used year round as a base layer and for a wide variety of sports, if not for day-to-day wear.

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rbk-toxic-home-icebreaker-villa-dress-lgnGarments made from synthetic fabrics such as rayon, polyester, and spandex may be made or treated with toxic chemicals like formaldehyde in an effort to keep them wrinkle-free. Formaldehyde has been linked with upping your odds of lung cancer, so it may be a good idea to choose clothing made from natural fibers such as cotton, silk, hemp, or organic wool. Merino wool is less itchy, doesn’t wrinkle, and is odor-resistant, meaning you’ll save energy—yours and the environment’s—by doing laundry less often. Icebreaker’s super-comfy Villa Dress is made with merino wool and is versatile enough to wear to work and on date night.