Category Archives: Type of Product – Featuring Ski+ Lite Over The Calf socks – January 2016


I guess it’s pretty easy for sock manufacturers to claim they have ‘the best socks in the world / on the planet / in the universe / whatever’. Icebreaker are one such brand. When I recently forgot all of the riding socks for a 10 day trip (for the second time in the past couple of years, dumb ass) I went out a bought a pair of Icebreaker socks. I just looked for a pair of medium weight ones in a good colour, to be honest, and ended up with the Ski + Lite Over The Calf socks.

Man, these things are awesome. Wore them for 7 days straight and honestly, they didn’t smell at all. They are also incredibly comfortable. I prefer a sock with some padding rather than the super thin ones so these fit that bill well. I also hate it when socks work their way down beneath the cuff of my boots so you end up pulling them up all day. When fully pulled up these socks come over my knees so I just fold the tops down…

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