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Last winter when I was running, I couldn’t seem to get the right mix of clothes. I either layered up too much and was way too warm or I didn’t layer up enough and was freezing!
This year, I had the opportunity to learn about a company that specializes in outdoor clothing by utilizing natural fibers to keep you warm or cool in any condition. The company, Icebreaker, is a sustainable company and says on its website: “Our role is not to create the latest “technical” fibre…”
Recently I had the opportunity to sample two of their products — Quantum Long Sleeve Zip Hood and Comet Long Sleeve Crew.
The Quantum Long Sleeve Zip Hood comes in five different colors – mineral/grapefruit, black, raspberry/shocking, lupin/aquamarine and alpine/lupin.  I sampled the mineral/grapefruit, which is predominently gray with an orange zipper.
I also tried out the base layer called the Comet Long Sleeve Crew.  This is a shirt I would wear under the Quantum Long Sleeve Zip Hood.  This shirt comes in Alpine/Aquamarine (blue), maroon/shocking (maroon), and black/panther. – Featuring Helena Long-Sleeve Zip – December 11, 2015


For such a basic piece of winter apparel, down insulation coats have experienced a surprising degree of innovation… Here are a few of the best on the market right now.

MerinoLOFT Helena Long-Sleeve Zip
Icebreaker pairs its legendary merino wool fabric—already a traveler’s best friend—with a new “MerinoLOFT” technology, with 70 to 130 grams of insulation created by forging synthetic fill with up to 10% recycled merino that insulates even when soaking wet. It also boasts a mixture of woven twill merino, and recycled poly for weather protection.

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