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Most ski gear is arguably more important than your socks, but do not overlook those tubes you slide over your feet. A good pair of socks is pretty vital to staying comfortable outside in the winter, and, in my opinion, merino wool is the best choice. This season I’ve been skiing in the Icebreaker Ski+ Medium socks, which are a merino blend. But are these socks the be-all, end-all of baselayers for your feet?

These socks are very, very nice. They are thick, plush, and warm. But what really stands out to me is how stretchy they are. Most ski socks don’t have this, but the generous amount of nylon woven into the Ski+ socks give them a massive amount of stretch. I dig this. They also have an anatomical fit, right down to right foot and left foot versions.

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I guess it’s pretty easy for sock manufacturers to claim they have ‘the best socks in the world / on the planet / in the universe / whatever’. Icebreaker are one such brand. When I recently forgot all of the riding socks for a 10 day trip (for the second time in the past couple of years, dumb ass) I went out a bought a pair of Icebreaker socks. I just looked for a pair of medium weight ones in a good colour, to be honest, and ended up with the Ski + Lite Over The Calf socks.

Man, these things are awesome. Wore them for 7 days straight and honestly, they didn’t smell at all. They are also incredibly comfortable. I prefer a sock with some padding rather than the super thin ones so these fit that bill well. I also hate it when socks work their way down beneath the cuff of my boots so you end up pulling them up all day. When fully pulled up these socks come over my knees so I just fold the tops down…

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If your sock drawer is filled with pairs that have holes in the heels and lots of individuals that were separated from their match, then it’s time to think about getting some new ones. From crew cuts to no-show options, you’re bound to find a pair or two you like here.

Icebreaker Multisport Cushion Mini
Known for the use of merino wool across their entire repertoire of garments, Icebreaker uses just that mixed with a bit of nylon to make up this foot protector. Plus, the toe is seamless so you won’t have to worry about chafing or blisters.

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While being comfortable in ski and snowboard boots is crucial to enjoying your time on the slopes this winter, having a good pair of socks is an important part of the equation. Those socks that your grandmother knitted for you four Christmases ago may keep you warm around the house, but they are less than ideal for tackling couloirs, slashing windlips and charging the park. Sock technology has evolved leaps and bounds away from the early days of thick-knit wool. Socks now combine the breathability, warmth and moisture-wicking properties of merino wool with technical fibers that lend themselves to stretch, comfort and durability.

Runny Nose, Balaclava, Hot Chocolate
Icebreaker Ski+ Compression Light

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Winter Is Coming, Are You Ready?

Well, are you? Here’s a comprehensive guide to staying warm, staying dry and staying active when it’s cold outside. We’ll show you the best ways to do that, but also the affordable ways.

These are a tricky item to get right, because they need to do the job of both a base and, often, an insulative mid-layer too, all while preventing blisters and cushioning your feet. And remember that no-cotton rule.

The Best: I’ve worn Icebreaker’s Mountaineer Expedition socks while wading in 40-degree water, on long backpacking trips in moderate weather and while backcountry skiing. Throughout all of that, they’ve kept my feet dry and comfortable and work in temperatures from minus-zero to 70+ degrees.

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Escaping the modern world and turning your backpacking daydreams into reality, however, can seem daunting. The biggest hurdle, and the one that slows down far too many would-be explorers, is simply understanding what’s needed to have a successful trip. The good news is backpacking requires that you travel light, meaning you really don’t need many things, you just need the right things.

Although it’s last on the list, base layers, socks and underwear are some the most overlooked yet most important backpacking essentials. While sleeping, in the mornings and in the evenings when temperatures are cool (or below freezing, like they were during my recent backpacking trip), you’ll want a snug and warm bottom and top base layer. For that, I wear Icebreaker’s Zone Leggings and Zone Long Sleeve Crew. Both are made from ultra-high quality Merino wool (hence their higher price tag) and come in a variety of weights rated for different temperatures (but their 200 rating should do the trick for most three-season backpacking trips).

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