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Switzerland – Spot Magazine – Girls Spheria SS Wild Arrow / Boys Sphere SS Wild Sheep – September 13, 2017

Spot Magazine included the Girls Spheria SS Wild Arrow and the Boys Sphere SS Wild Sheep in their equipment section. Circulation: 15’000. Reach: 39’000. Media value: 1’600 CHF.


170913_IB_Spot_Spheria_Sphere_2 The germanic foot, first recorded as old english f t, shares an indo-european root with sanskrit pad, greek pous, pod-, and latin pes, ped- all with the same meaning

Switzerland – Die Alpen – Zone LS Crewe – June 21, 2017

Die Alpen, members’ journal of Swiss Alpine Club, published a baselayer test inclunding the Zone LS Crewe. Circulation: 116’700. Reach: 296’000. Media value: 3’057 CHF.

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