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underwearexpert.com – featuring anatomica boxer brief – November 22, 2015


Make a statement! Take a linear approach to prints with bold stripes for your wardrobe.

Whether it’s breton, pinstripe or chevron, stripes will always be in vogue, and it’s no secret that bold stripes are one of the most flattering prints for all body types. Since we at The Underwear Expert think that the underwear makes the man, we tried out this trend with every type of stripe out there in the boldest colors suitable for all seasons…

Thin stripes, like a well-made suit, provide a sophisticated look for an updated wardrobe. Icebreaker’s Anatomica Boxer Brief features a thin white stripe against a baby blue background, while Wood’s Orange Striate Trunk is inspired by, well, wood, with their stripes reminiscent of rings of a tree trunk…

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underwearexpert.com – featuring anatomica boxer brief – November 15, 2015


Think grey is boring? Think again. Grey is one of our favorite classic color trends from this season. Capture the rich colors of the fall runways with this wardrobe staple. The perfect pair for every color combo. You can’t go wrong with fall’s finest grey underwear. Whether you’re looking for a boxer brief, brief, trunk or long john, we have seen this trend featured in them all.

Icebreaker adds a fresh take on an old classic with their Anatomica boxer brief with fly and thin stripes. Used with their lightest merino wool, this pair is highly breathable and stretchable and with a touch of Lycra, makes the briefs the ultimate in comfort and support.

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UnderwearExpert.com – Featuring Anatomica Boxer Briefs – May 14, 2015


Item Reviewed: Icebreaker Anatomica Boxer Brief with Fly – Lawn/White

About the product: The Icebreaker Anatomica Boxer Brief in Lawn/White is a mid-rise boxer brief with a closed contoured pouch that sports a functional fly. Made from Merino wool (blended with 4% elastane), the full coverage Icebreaker Anatomica Boxer brief is lightweight and breathable. The vibrant grass green color is echoed in the “Icebreaker” name printed across the front of the white satin jacquard waistband; the company’s logo is on a small silver label sewn to the back. The Icebreaker Anatomica Boxer Brief is comes in sizes S – XXL and is also available in Cadet (blue), Emperor (purple), and in basic black.

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GearJunkie.com – Featuring Anatomica Boxer – April 23, 2015


GearJunkie has partnered with Huckberry to bring you a curated selection of the best gear for springtime adventures.

Whether your rainy day is spent in the woods or snuggled up in your favorite reading chair, check out the Huckberry/GearJunkie Shop for some exclusive options at great prices.

Rainy Day Gear on the Huckberry/GearJunkie Shop

Icebreaker Anatomica Boxer

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GearPatrol.com – Featuring Anatomica Briefs and Boxer Briefs – February 3, 2015


Underwear is all too often the forgotten sibling of the wardrobe family. Relegated to the backs of dark dresser drawers and thoughtlessly donned every morning, men’s underwear suffers neglect by our focus on exterior style. But we’re not solely to blame. The choices out there are dizzying, which is one of the reasons why so many men stick with the underwear they grew up with…Here are our choices of the best underwear out there today in just about every permutation possible — with the exception of the thong and what we not-so-fondly refer to as the “junk sling”. Read on and choose wisely…

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FactoryTwoFour.com -Featuring Anatomica Boxers – May 13, 2014


When I was younger, I feared wool. Absolutely hated it. The itch, the texture, and mostly ugly sweaters you would have to wear to some church function or family portrait: Wool and I didn’t get along for years after.

It wasn’t until I heard from a friend about Icebreaker, a New Zealand-based purveyor of merino wool. So I thought, “Okay, a different kind of sheep but the same nemesis to my skin.” All I had known was the frilly and irritating qualities of a more robust and un-wearable clothing, especially without anything other than a long sleeve shirt underneath.

Now I’m wearing wool closer than I ever thought possible. Hugging my peaches in a cocoon of lightweight merino wool, the Icebreaker Anatomic Boxers are stylish, highly breathable and you know what; they don’t itch! You can wear these and your sweat literally doesn’t absorb in the way cotton does. If you were ever searching for a pair that could be worn two days in a row—after physical activity—and not smell like the inside of Guy Fieri’s belly-button, the Anatomica line of boxers (and briefs) combat stank better than a hit of pow-pow.

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GearPatrol.com – Featuring Anatomica Boxers – May 2, 2014


Boxer shorts are named after the athletic wear for which they are fashioned. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, as they say. The loosest fitting of male undershorts, boxers allow free range of movement for you legs and other parts, and enough soft protection that wearing them is like getting away with loungewear 24/7…

D. Icebreaker Anatomica Boxers are as good for fitness as they are for everyday use, and are made from merino wool with a touch of Lycra.

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