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UnderwearExpert.com – Featuring Anatomica Boxers – November 2, 2015


Stripes have been viewed consistently throughout fashion trends as a way to look distinguished, sharp, elegant and well styled. Stripes are available in all different colors and sizes and also go in different directions. The options are almost limitless. Why should this be any different for your chosen underwear styles? In this exclusive underwear photoshoot shot by Jerrad Matthew for The Underwear Expert, we delve into trending styles with subtle stripes.

Model Firat Bayhan poses in these five pairs of underwear to show off the elegant aesthetic achieved by adding some stripes to your wardrobe. The urban background offers a bright blue sky and light grayish white concrete to show off each individual style. Shades of blue and gray are seen throughout these images as staple colors used by the designers to make the sleek cool vibe of the stripes come alive. Deep blues, grays and blacks are the standard colors for formal attire…

Stripes can also accentuate one feature and hide another. Clever and Male Power use stripes extend out with the pouch, making your package look a bit larger than it did before. Diesel, Icebreaker and Drake & Hutch chose horizontal stripes that have a more slimming look…

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GearPatrol.com – Featuring Anatomica Boxers – November 2015


Essentials for the Ultimate Gym Bag

The Essentials

Sesamee K500 3/4 Combination Padlock $16
Icebreaker Anatomica Boxers
Farm to Feet Compression Socks $30
super.natural Essential Tee 140 $50
Tracksmith Van Cortlandt Short $60
adidas Powerlift 2.0 Weightlifting Shoes $87+
Topo Designs Duffel 18-inch $98
JLab Epic Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sports Earbuds $100

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