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Yahoo.com – Featuring Bliss Wrap – April 30, 2015


Setting out on a round-the-world trip is an exciting endeavor, even when it’s met with a mundane mile-long task sheet — getting visas and immunizations, booking flights, telling your boss you’re outta here, explaining to your eyebrow-raising folks that you won’t be home for Christmas (or Mother’s Day, or Uncle Eddie’s 80th birthday bash)… As a recent graduate of my own 15-month globe-trotting adventure, I can tell you that trying to squeeze precisely 439 days worth of wardrobe and life essentials into one bag was not without its sacrifice.

The Garb
Above all, your bag should be full of wool. From socks to T-shirts to sweaters, I stocked my wardrobe with breathable wool pieces that were decidedly stink-resistant, durable, and could be worn again and again. Icebreaker’s Merino line proposes top quality, with an excellent selection of base layers, mid-layers, socks, and more. I loved Icebreaker’s versatile Bliss Wrap in black, which was easily dressed up or down, and could be worn in multiple styles…

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Examiner.com – Featuring Bliss Wrap – April 20, 2015


May is almost here and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to get your jet setting Mom for her day on May 10th. These gifts are fun, fashionable and guaranteed to please even the most discerning Mother on the go.

Bliss Wrap by Icebreaker: This silky soft jersey merino wrap can be dressed up or down and worn in a variety of ways – more fitted tied in the back or loose and layered with one button on the shoulder. Side pockets and slim-fitting sleeves add to the comfortable look and feel. The breathable fabric will keep her cool or warm depending on the weather.

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GearJunkie.com – Featuring Bliss Wrap – December 15, 2014


I am an outdoorsy girl, and depending on my mood and the activity at hand often fall into one of these templates: The Glamper (yoga-loving adventure dabbler); Everyday Explorer (heads to the mountains on weekends); Hardcore Adventurer (climbs scary peaks, crushes out 8-hour days on a bike).

For all these types I offer here below some gift ideas. These are all tested and approved by me and friends, each one a solid pick for the outdoorsy girl in your life…

Icebreaker Bliss Wrap This elegant piece can be worn out on the town, at home, before yoga or on a travel day. It also can be worn three ways, which means she gets three different styles in one piece. (*Bonus Tip: If she is a yogi put a free class card to her favorite yoga studio in the pocket.)

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Fitbie.com – Featuring Bliss Wrap – December 2014


Got a yoga-lovin’ lady on your list? Stress not: We’ve scoured the latest collections to bring you thoughtful holiday gift ideas that are sure to please your favorite Downward Dog devotee…

Icebreaker Bliss Wrap: Made from featherweight merino wool, this soft (never itchy) sweater will become her go-to for everything from getting to yoga to staying warm at the office. A bonus: Icebreaker is committed to eco-friendly, ethical sources of wool, so your spiritual yogi can rest easy as she cuddles up.

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AviatorsAndACamera.com – Featuring Bliss Wrap & Tank, Ariana Dress and Hot Pants – November 30, 2013


I received the Bliss Wrap, Ariana Dress, a tanktop and the Hot Pants to test on my last three week trip and all items made it through the trip looking as if I’d just taken them out of the packaging. The wrap, dress and tank top did require washing and still smell as if I never wore them at all. The Hot Pants (underwear), obviously needed to be washed, but were so easily taken care of in a sink and dried so quickly that I was completely converted. In the future, I will only pack their Hot Pants for travel and take only a few pairs no matter the length of the trip. So good for packing light and traveling light! I was uber skeptical but now I’m a complete convert to Merino Wool and “travel clothing” since I have tested Icebreaker.

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