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LyraMag.Blogspot.com – Featuring Ski+ Over the Calf Sock, Flexi Chute, and Zone One Sheep Suit – July 6, 2015



For nearly a decade-clothing/accessories exhibitors at Outdoor Retailer (since we’ve been going)… have always purveyed technically proficient apparel, socks, hats, shoes (etc)…to fit individuals enjoying mountain trail/lakeside/camping  to urban byways-places–particularly labels aimed out the ‘adventure’ travellers.

ICEBREAKER is a New Zealand based company-deftly uses the naturally performing Merino Wool (water tough, warm when wet, naturally anti-odor, UV protecting, breathable, moisture wicking-and ez care) for its outdoors, sport and we’d say very handsome city looks…pictured -the compressive Ski+ Over the Calf sock (comes in light and medium) and compressive run/lifestyle—all day comfort in merino wool/nylon/Lycra blends. Versatile Flexi Chute neck warmers and  hats-come in a bunch of thicknesses-and blends-including Merino Wool and TENCEL®.

Def. old school but meets 21st century needs ICEBREAKER high performance Men’s Zone One Sheep Suit $200 with unique heat dumping zones and balancing insulation with ventilation. 4% Lycra™ for increased athletic fit and mobility, attached hood for head to ankle protection, Comes in half zips and leggings for men and women too.

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