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GoGumption.com – Featuring Tech-Lite Shirt – June 1, 2015


Picking the right gift for Father’s Day can be a daunting task, and while taking the easy road with a tie or coffee mug is tempting, why not do something really special for pops this year? For all those games of catch in the backyard and his encouraging (and okay, maybe a little embarrassing) chants from the sidelines, this is your chance to show how much you really appreciate him.

No more whimsical gadgets or state-of-the-art thingamajigs destined for a life in the junk drawer. This year, we’ve put together a list of suggestions built by dads for dads that will help turn this Father’s Day into more than just another game night.

Summer calls for a shirt that’s both office-casual and weekend-friendly. Towards those ends, Icebreaker has got dad’s back with the Tech Lite. Blending natural merino wool with modern designs, the Tech Lite is the perfect shirt for all summer activities, from beach to mountain and back. Utilizing a nylon core wrapped in merino wool construction not only ensures pop gets all the benefits of merino, but a shirt with enhanced durability and longevity.

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ActiveJunky.com – Featuring Tech T Lite – February 2, 2015


Gear for Ireland: Spending Your Green Wisely

Merino Wool Base Layers: Yeah, merino is pricier than synthetic counterparts, but wool garments are amazing; soak ‘em with sweat for two days in the backcountry, then let ‘em air-dry in your hotel room.  No smell means one or two shirts do for the entire trip. I love Icebreaker’s Tech T Lite series. Slightly form-fitting, carrying cool graphics and sporting trail-ready tech features you need, Tech T Lite equals warmth when wet, moisture wicking power and now-famous odor resistance.

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OutsideOnline.com – Featuring Tech T Lite Shirt – May 2014


2014 Day Hike Essentials: We like zip-off pants and sun hats with neck flaps as much as the next guy, but it doesn’t have to be that way…

Icebreaker Tech T Lite Shirt: Once you start wearing summer-weight merino shirts like this one, you’ll never go back. They’re comfier and more funk-resistant than their synthetic counterparts and just as airy. A bit of stretch and a slim fit set this one apart.

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OutsideOnline.com – Featuring Tech T Lite – March 28, 2014


There’s no doubt merino excels in cold weather base layers. But did you know it works pretty darn well in the heat, too?

I love merino wool for its comfort, softness, weight-to-insulation ratio, breathability, and odor-repellency. A lightweight merino T-shirt is a seriously versatile piece of clothing. And all the extraordinary attributes that make wool great in the cold also apply in the heat.

Icebreaker Tech T Lite
This 20-year-old New Zealand company was the first outfitter to launch a full line of merino performance wear. And it has sourced the merino directly from growers since 1997. (Icebreaker is so connected to its sheep, you can actually trace your garment to its woolly origins with a “baacode.”) Choose from a large selection of 100 percent merino T-shirt styles for both men and women.

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