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GearPatrol.com – Featuring Tech Top LS Crewe and Apex Leggings with Fly – February 23, 2016


Base layers need to do three things in order to perform well in the outdoors. They need to keep you warm through insulation, they need to breathe well during aerobic activities, and they need to wick moisture away from your body and allow it to evaporate… Merino wool, synthetic materials and a host of alternative materials are better designed to accomplish all three objectives well, and they can be relied upon to do the job when you need them most.

Icebreaker Tech Top Long Sleeve Crewe
Icebreaker Apex Leggings with Fly
Merino wool is the gold standard in base-layer materials. Its fibers are naturally antimicrobial, so they fight the stench that occurs after a few days on the trail, and the fabric is great at regulating temperature, making it usable in multiple environments. It also breathes well and wicks moisture away from your body to keep you dry.

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PressDemocrat.com – Featuring Oasis Long Sleeve Half Zip Hood – February 18, 2016


With winter and spring playing a merry game of hopscotch — landing on a frigid day here and a warm day there — a versatile base layer can be your best friend out on the trail. By trapping a thin layer of air against your skin and absorbing moisture, the breathable 100% Merino wool in the Oasis Long Sleeve Half Zip Hood helps regulate your body’s temperature.

On cold days, top with heavier layers and/or outerwear; if the day grows warm, stow extra layers in your pack and show off your stylish base layer.

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ElevationOutdoors.com – Featuring Kids Oasis LS Crew and Leggings and Orbit Hat – February 18, 2016


What could be more unruly than a toddler? A toddler in the cold weather. Dressing a little one for adventures in the cold can be quite a feat—often full of complaints, bartering, and of course the last resort, bribery. However, if you have the right products in your cold weather arsenal, getting your toddler ready for a snowday is almost as enjoyable as playing in the snow and the payoff is supreme.

Kids are picky when it comes to fabrics, so finding a baselayer that is comfortable, soft, and warm is key in creating a solid foundation. Icebreaker’s Kids Oasis Long Sleeve Crew and Leggings are the perfect combination of plush and warmth…

While a hood is ideal for more active romps in the snow, a good hat is a must for casual play and walks in the woods. Icebreaker’s Kids Orbit Hat is soft, warm, adorable, and has pom pom (Kid’s Fervor hat available without pom pom)…

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OutsideOnline.com – Featuring Rush Bra – February 11, 2016


Lots of bras suck. After 30 days spent playing outside, we found six that don’t…

Icebreaker Rush
This was far and away the test winner. The Rush stayed dry and kept me warm on all-day backcountry tours, bitter-cold runs, and quick pre-work skin laps. The full coverage provides plenty of support, even for high-impact activities like running. The wool-Lycra fabric offers a snug fit yet isn’t constricting. And because it’s mostly wool (92 percent), I could wear the bra three days in a row before throwing it in the wash.

Possibly my favorite feature of this bra is its lower band, which is covered in the same wool-Lycra blend as the body, making it super comfortable next to skin. The Rush absolutely never chafed.

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TheGearCaster.com – Featuring Siren Tank – February 4, 2016


We may all have our preferred layering system for winter but the principle remains the same: layering makes it easy to make quick adjustments based on your current activity level or changes in the weather. Each layer has a function and they all work together to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable when playing outside all day…

Before I even get to the base layer, I throw on a merino wool tank over my sports bra. I like that extra bit of core warmth and I find that if for some reason I get really sweaty on an approach, I can simply shed the tank once I get to the base of the climb as it will have absorbed most of the moisture. Keeping dry throughout the day is one of the keys to staying warm in winter. The Icebreaker Siren Tank is my go-to here–made from 150 gram merino wool, it is lightweight yet cozy against the skin.

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